Providing K-8 Montessori & Nature-Based Education to cultivate life-long self-driven learners.

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We are growing in more ways than one! Check out the layout of our new 400 AMS Court building! This building is currently being remodeled to accommodate students in 2nd - 8th Grade for the upcoming school year. Preschool, Primary, & 1st grade will remain in the 360 AMS building. 

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"When I first told my husband about this brand new school and their different approach to learning that allows [students] to be children, to learn the way that fits their needs and be creative as well as active he was very unsure if it would be a good idea for our 3 boys, but I pushed and asked him to give it a try, just for one year. I had this strong urge to put our boys in this new environment, [but] I was scared and worried if I was making the right decision.

Well New Leaf surpassed our expectations and we knew just a few months into the school year we made the right choice! Our boys have made so much improvement not only academically, but socially and behaviorally as well. We are beyond grateful New Leaf opened it's doors for us and for all the teachers. We look forward to many more years to come watching our boys grow in this school of our choosing.

Now anyone that knows our boys will tell you they are amazing kids, but what you didn't see was them drained from school, upset from bullies, with zero energy and wanting to plop down [after school] and watch TV or [use] their I-pads. [Before switching to NLPA] my little boys were changing from spunky, imaginative, active and adventurous boys to zombies while in school and virtual learning. Since joining New Leaf last fall, it's like we have our little boys back! When they get home from school they want to read, play, go on adventures or hang out with friends. They love telling me all about school and are excited to go back each day."



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