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Reading Program

New Leaf Prep Academy is a school committed to the growth and development of best practices. Thorough data chats are held between studio teachers and the Curriculum Coordinator or Assistant Head of School each time testing scores are received to ensure we are properly implementing best practices based on data. We are continually evaluating reading scores and evaluating how our programming best meets the needs of each student enrolled at New Leaf Prep Academy. 

Multi-Faceted Approach to Reading

New Leaf Prep Academy utilizes a multi-faceted and comprehensive approach to teaching reading through a systematic and sequential presentation of phonetic elements to reading for comprehension. Below are the most predominant components of our reading & writing curriculum. These components overlap, serving students across multiple cycle years, and are introduced and utilized based on your child’s individual needs.


As an incredibly diverse team at a small school, we work incredibly close to ensure we are meeting the needs of every student who enters our doors through an individualized approach based on teacher observation, parent input, and implementation of best practices. We are always here to support your child's growth and development from the administrative and classroom levels. If you have child-specific questions or would like to understand how we individualize for your child specifically, please don’t hesitate to set up a time with your child’s teacher. We would be honored to discuss the individualized approach utilized to best support your child’s specific academic and social-emotional needs, including reading targets and reading interventions. Data chats may also be set up with Mrs. Willmann to take a closer look at your child’s testing scores and other data points.

Reading Intervention

A reading interventionist is a tremendous asset to any teaching team. Our reading interventionist teaches reading skills to students struggling with literacy, and helps to facilitate a cohesive reading program for all students to succeed at New Leaf Prep Academy. Our interventionist, helps students learn the basics of reading, such as learning letters and sounds, and progress in their reading skills in small groups and through one on one instruction. 

Our students are incredibly blessed to have Mrs. Tanya Olson working as our school's Reading Interventionist!

Mrs. Olson has 21 years of experience working in special education and literacy. She began her career in the birth-5 Program in Montgomery County, Maryland. While there, she initiated two play and literacy parent support groups, one for newly emigrated families and one for Spanish-speaking families. She then worked on a literacy program for the Preschool Education Program which includes children aged 3-6 with unique learning profiles and receptive/expressive communication needs. From there, she was asked to join the Gifted and Talented/Learning Disabled Program in Rockville, MD, one of five such programs in the nation. Her Twice Exceptional students were identified with needs in reading, writing, and social-emotional development; in 2017, she moved back to her hometown here in Wisconsin to raise her four children with Midwest values and more outdoor sports. She worked as a cross-categorical special education teacher in a 4K program and as a reading specialist in Neenah before joining us here. Mrs. Olson has her MA in special education, M.Ed in early childhood education (pre-K-6th), master's certificate in gifted education, master's certificate in reading intervention and reading specialist, WI license 316/317.

Mrs. Olson is excited to partner with families and teachers to ensure students are meeting reading targets and staying on pace as developmentally appropriate based on their grade level. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Tanya Olson with any questions or concerns. Her email is

We hope you will join us this year for our reading challenge! Don't forget to bring your reading log and notebook used on the first day of school to share with Mrs. Olson!

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The Weyers-Hilliard Branch needs student volunteers for the Summer Reading Program!


Go online and print off an application or see a librarian at the branch.


Here is the summer programming guide.

Barnes & Noble has a Summer Reading Program – free book if your child turns in a summary sheet!

Reading Rockets - vast amounts of activities and ideas for reading and writing!


Here is their Summer Reading Book List


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JPEG 1 New Leaf Summer Reading Program 2.jpg
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Reading Resources

A great resource to practice using rhyming words.

Printable cards of upper and lowercase letters. Great for use in the Summer Reading Challenge, with students reading at level A-C to match lower and uppercase letters and review letter names and sounds.

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